Establish Your Will With Skilled Legal Advice

A will is the foundation of a solid estate plan. Having one allows you to name your heirs, state what assets they receive and make advanced health directives. The probate process can go more smoothly for your loved ones if you have a will that satisfies all the North Carolina legal requirements. Orsbon & Fenninger, LLP in Charlotte is a client-focused firm with board-certified estate planning specialists that will expertly guide you through the process of establishing a will.

Make Probate Less Difficult

During the estate planning process, our lawyers can explain which assets and property are exempt from probate such as:

  • Assets that have a legal beneficiary named, such as for a life insurance policy
  • Jointly-owned property that goes directly to the other owner(s)
  • Assets held in a trust

The executor or administrator of the estate will distribute assets and property after paying all debts of the estate.

Establish Health Care Directives

While writing your will, you should address your wishes for your end of life health care as well. We can help you establish an advanced health directive and living will to ensure that your desires for medical intervention are carried out.

Take Advantage Of Trusts

Including one or more trusts in your estate plan can be an advantageous move to minimize the number of assets that have to go through probate. Other advantages include:

  • Asset protection
  • Reduction of taxes
  • Ability to plan for special needs

We can discuss the different types of trusts and advise what types of trusts would be best for your situation and objectives.

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