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We know what a form-specific, organized process that probate and estate administration have become. We closely advise fiduciaries and incorporate financial software, since North Carolina law requires a strict accounting of assets.

We can also show you how to avoid probate litigation that takes time, costs money, divides families and delays your goals.

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Over 50 Years Of Service To Individuals, Families And Businesses

Our skilled lawyers’ and paralegals’ role in your family’s probate legal process typically includes:

  • Assistance and counsel for executors and administrators of a decedent’s estate
  • Qualification of personal representatives
  • Identification of assets
  • Handling and management of complex assets
  • Inventory and accountings for the estate
  • Paying claims against the estate
  • Distribution of assets to beneficiaries
  • Tax compliance matters

We take care of every detail, so you won’t have to. You can trust our respected law offices to handle your probate matter smoothly and professionally, start to finish.

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