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Setting up a guardianship for your special needs child

If you have a loved one with special needs, you know that it can be financially, physically and emotionally challenging to provide care. You work hard to provide the support he or she needs, but it is prudent to think about his or her care beyond your lifetime. It is possible that your family member could outlive you, and it is smart to have the necessary legal protections in place to ensure that he or she continues to get the care needed.

Do you really need a special needs trust for your child?

You may already know that your special needs child cannot have assets over a certain amount in order to receive benefits from the government. This limitation may make it seem difficult to plan for your child's future. Fortunately, an estate-planning tool that could work for you and your child does exist.

Planning well for your exit from your small business

Small business owners know that it takes an incredible amount of time, effort and planning to start and sustain a business operation of any kind. You may have put an enormous effort into starting your company, but you should also plan how you want to dissolve or leave it one day. Whether you wish to eventually close, retire or sell, it is wise to plan today for a problem-free future. 

3 ways a power of attorney agent may abuse authority

Many North Carolina residents have likely heard at some point about the benefits of having a power of attorney document. This document allows you to appoint an individual to attend to your financial needs should you lose the ability to do so yourself. Because you legally put someone else in charge of your finances, you certainly hope that the person will act in a trustworthy and responsible manner.

Who, what, when: Have you begun business succession planning?

Throughout your career as a business owner, you undoubtedly enjoyed seeing your company thrive and grow into the success you had always hoped. You likely put much of your life into the business in order to ensure its survival, and as you grow older, you may find yourself wondering what could happen to the life of your business when your life comes to an end.

Wonder if Old McDonald had an estate plan?

Next to trucking, most people consider farming to be the backbone of this nation. Many North Carolina residents make their livings tilling the land and producing crops that provide sustenance and profit to millions of people from east to west. If you're part of a family that's been farming the same land for decades, you've likely had one or more conversations about the future, specifically: what's to become of the family farm when the current owners pass from this life.

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