2 Myths about second marriages and estate planning

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Estate Planning

Most people do not worry about their estate plans until they age. However, at this point, you may be in your second marriage, and you and your spouse may have children from previous marriages. This can make estate planning tricky because you want to leave assets for your spouse and biological children.

If you are in your second marriage, keep reading to learn the truth surrounding estate planning and blended families.

1. You do not need to redo your will before you marry

While you may want to celebrate your upcoming marriage, you also need to consider your estate plan. Even if you already had an estate plan in your first marriage, you need to redo your will, especially when you have kids from another partner.

2. A second marriage does not affect your estate plan

Many people do not want to live alone after their spouse dies. When you meet someone new and decide to get remarried, you need to be aware that there are special considerations when it comes to estate planning. Additionally, second marriages at a young age have similar concerns. The biggest thing to consider is who will hold the property rights to your estate after you die and how you want to distribute your assets among your heirs and spouse.

Second marriages do affect estate plans. You should never wait until it is too late to plan for after your death. Instead, adjust your estate plan as soon as possible. That way, you know it is up-to-date, and you are providing for your loved ones after you die.