What do you know about choosing a guardian for your child?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Estate Planning

You cannot fathom the idea of not raising your child, but you must face the possibility that something may happen to you and your partner. How do you select the right individual to step in and take over your parental duties?

Forbes offers ideas to keep in mind when selecting a guardian for your child. Know which qualities to focus on to feel as confident as possible with your decision.

Get in touch with your values

What do you value most in terms of community, physical health, spirituality/religion and parenting? Which of these values do you desire to share with your child? Make a list of your most important values that your guardian must feel comfortable introducing to your child.

Note potential candidates

With your values listed, make a list of candidates who have the same values. You do not have to limit yourself to only siblings and other immediate relatives, as some of your cousins and other extended family or close friends may make excellent guardians. Also, you do not have to list only couples on your list, as marriages and relationships end all the time.

Ask yourself a few questions

As you list candidates, ask yourself if they all have the emotional, physical and financial health necessary to raise and provide for your children. If you choose a couple to serve as guardians, do you see them raising your child as a team, or would the responsibilities likely fall to only one person? Ask yourself how close of a bond your candidates currently have with your daughter or son.

Take your time with your guardianship selection. No one comes close to you, but your chosen couple or individual could have what it takes to give your child a great life.