Strategies for selecting a legal guardian

For many parents in North Carolina, the task of choosing another person, couple or family to assume guardianship of their children can be a serious matter. Parents can only hope that the people they have chosen to take over raising their children are honorable, compassionate and in a financial position to provide a loving and stable environment in which their children can continue to grow. 

Because so much pressure rides on this specific role, parents should spend considerable time weighing their options and should have clear expectations of the type of people they are looking for to parent their children. Once a decision has been carefully made, parents may feel the peace of mind and reassurance that accompanies the guarantee that a legally approved plan is in place should they ever become incapacitated and unable to care for their children. 

According to Forbes, people should always ask the permission of the people they wish to name as guardians before making anything official. Parents should show an interest in how this change in dynamics would affect the other family and listen to concerns. They may also find it helpful to discuss their values and what they desire for their children to have. reminds parents that if they procrastinate designating someone to be the guardian of their children, the consequences could be disheartening. Should their parents become incapacitated, children with no named legal guardian could end up in state custody until the courts determine someone, they think would be an appropriate fit for the needs of the children. Parents who wish to exercise control over this decision should be proactive about naming a guardian before it is too late.