Using estate planners

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | trusts

North Carolina residents may find it beneficial to consult a professional estate planner when making arrangements for how their estate is to be handled after their death. Consulting a team of professionals when developing an estate plan can help ensure that there is an easier transition of the ownership of assets when a person dies. The team can consist of an estate planning attorney, a financial advisor and a CPA or accountant.

The first step in estate planning is often a consultation with an attorney who specializes in estate planning. The attorney may review a person’s assets and goal and advise whether an estate planner is necessary.

One of the benefits of using professionals when estate planning is the assistance provided for creating legal documents. Professionals are often needed to draft powers of attorney, healthcare directives, wills and other types of legal documents that can help reduce any complications heirs may face after the owner of an estate dies.

When conducting a search for an estate planner, it can be helpful to use referrals. Referrals may be sought out from relatives and friends as well as experts from the industry.

Individuals should select an estate planner with whom they feel comfortable. It may be necessary to interview multiple prospects to find someone who will be the right fit.

An attorney who practices estate planning law may assist clients with creating a customized estate plan. The attorney may consider the client’s assets and goals and may recommend certain types of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives to ensure that the client’s wishes are honored should they become incapacitated or when they die. Assistance may be provided for drafting the provisions of trusts to make sure that the assets placed in the trust are distributed according to the grantor’s wishes.